The Catholic Entrepreneur Podcast offers compelling stories and strategic insight through the lens of the Catholic worldview.

Our weekly, 27-minute podcast targets
Catholic leaders


  • Run secular businesses.
  • Run specifically Catholic businesses and ministries.
  • Are pastoral ministers who possess an entrepreneurial spirit.

What is The Catholic Entrepreneur?

Hosted by Catholic entrepreneur and author Matthew Pinto, The Catholic Entrepreneur Podcast provides essential insights, wisdom, and motivation needed to navigate challenges and build superior organizations.

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Our purpose, mission, and vision for Catholic leaders.

About the Genesis Group | Podcast Sponsor

The Genesis Group funds Catholic innovators, unlocking the enormous potential within the Catholic ecosystem. We serve as catalysts to advance a new financial-apostolic model of investment, enabling innovative businesses to flourish within the Catholic Church’s ecosystem.

Aligned with the mission of the Catholic Church, we serve and steward our Catholic portfolio company leaders, igniting and enriching a new Catholic entrepreneurial spirit. By funding and furthering innovative businesses, we strive to create cultural impact, advance the mission of the Catholic Church, and serve the Common Good.

As an outreach of The Genesis Group, The Catholic Entrepreneur Podcast supports our incubated and portfolio company leaders, and others, in their missions by hearing the life stories and professional insights of today’s Catholic leaders.

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