What is The Catholic Entrepreneur podcast?

The Catholic Entrepreneur (TCE) podcast is a weekly, 30-minute program intended to amplify the importance of entrepreneurship in the Catholic Church and demonstrate ways in which secular business leaders and those working in the Church can reconcile their faith with their business/ministry practices.

Through interviews with top business and ministry leaders, TCE focuses on compelling business stories, best practices for business and ministry, and the influence of a Catholic worldview on entrepreneurial concepts.

What inspired the podcast?

Podcast founder Matthew Pinto believes ingenuity and industriousness are virtues given by God and praised in Scripture. As God the Father is revealed as Creator, the act of human creation can itself be a spark of the divine—a dim reflection of the creative power of God himself.

The team at The Catholic Entrepreneur podcast concurs and is dedicated to helping Catholic leaders—in both secular business and ministry—prioritize the nobility of a faith-guided entrepreneurship. The podcast is a forum where Catholic leaders can learn how to navigate potential tensions between their business and ministry pursuits and the challenges they face as they lead.

These topics have been of interest to Matt since he began in business and ministry more than three decades ago and were stoked recently when he discovered the Faith Driven Entrepreneur podcast, which takes a more evangelical Christian approach. Recognizing a need for a podcast that reflects a Catholic worldview, the idea of The Catholic Entrepreneur podcast was born.

What does Catholicism have to do with entrepreneurship and business?

When God became man in the divine person of Jesus Christ—a truth known as the Incarnation—an affirmation of the created world was proclaimed. God likes his creation, and he likes when his creatures (us) also create, as these created acts are a spark of the divine.

Catholicism, therefore, is deeply concerned with any human endeavor, especially something so central to peoples lives as business. Since about half the population engages in business and related activities, and millions of Catholics are themselves entrepreneurs or business/ministry leaders, a podcast dedicated to entrepreneurship, business and ministry management, marketing, finance, etc. addresses a pressing need.

By providing Catholic entrepreneurs a forum to share their experiences and learn from other entrepreneurs, we help bring about excellence in business and ministry. More importantly, we encourage people in their walk with the Lord. Their platforms have the potential to reach untold numbers of people. Imagine the potential ripple effect well-formed leaders could have in society.

Who is the intended TCE audience?

The Catholic Entrepreneur podcast targets these three groups, but is enjoyed by many beyond:

  1. Catholic leaders running secular businesses.
  2. Catholic leaders running faith-based for-profits and non-profits.
  3. Catholic religious leaders with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Who are the hosts?

Matthew Pinto is joined on the podcast by co-host Stephen Henley, the president of Legatus.

  • Matthew Pinto is the founder and president emeritus of Ascension (Press), one of the world’s leading Catholic publishers and media companies. He’s also founded and/or led other Catholic ministries and businesses such as the Theology of the Body Institute and The Genesis Group, a Catholic venture capital firm and incubator.
  • Stephen Henley is a former United States Marine veteran who leads Legatus, a Catholic ministry that has served as a forum for Catholic business leaders for more than 35 years. Founded by Domino’s Pizza founder Tom Monaghan, Legatus has more than 110 chapters.

What topics are covered on the show?

The Catholic Entrepreneur is most specifically a show focused on business topics relevant to secular business leaders and those working in the Catholic ecosystem. Thus, our most frequent topics focus on business operational questions, including management best practices, marketing, human resources issues, business finance, and more.

Although it’s a business show, much of the content progresses naturally to perspectives of faith. Integrated Catholics see the whole of the created world as God’s canvas, so, our guests typically address all topics through a Catholic lens.

Who are the show’s typical guests?

Most of our guests are business leaders, and most of them are Catholic. That stated, we welcome all experts, regardless of any profession of faith (or not) because we aim to elicit business excellence. Our Catholic worldview is communicated instinctively. 

The program hosts are also eager to assist ministry leaders. Bringing best practices from business to ministry proves to be a blessing, as ministries carry out their missions of mercy to the world.

How often and on what day is the show released?

The Catholic Entrepreneur podcast is a 30-minute weekly program, released each Tuesday, beginning soon.

Where can I find TCE?

Download The Catholic Entrepreneur podcast from Apple iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, or wherever you get your podcasts. You can also listen to it on our website, CatholicEntrepreneur.org.

Do you accept guest or topic suggestions?

Absolutely. We welcome your feedback and suggestions! Tell us your challenges, what keeps you up at night, and who you find inspiring. We are sticklers about providing quality guests, quality interviews, and quality content. Hit the “contact us” button to send your ideas.

Are there sponsorship opportunities?

Yes. Email us for info and our rate schedule: info@CatholicEntrepreneur.org

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