Purpose, Mission, and Vision


The Catholic Entrepreneur Podcast hosts conversations that instill Catholic virtues and values into the hearts and minds of Catholic business and ministry leaders. These leaders run secular companies, and for-profit and nonprofit companies within the Catholic ecosystem; each is passionate about operating efficiently and effectively to achieve steady growth. The modern business world contains a wealth of insights that can help inform Catholic founders and leadersthrough captivating discussions.


We amplify the notion that Catholics can run businesses and ministries with the same hunger and skill of our secular counterparts while honoring the Lord and living virtuously. Throughengaging interviews with successful entrepreneurs, executives, and ministry leaders, wenormalize the concept of living Catholic values at work precisely because those values are inseparable from our core identity and vocation.


We envision a future where Catholic leaders look to the podcast as an integral part of their ongoing formation, and use it as a resource to sanctify themselves, their workplace, and their communities.

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