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Downloadable PDFs of insightful and formative businesses to support business and ministry leaders’ efforts to carry out their missions.

52 Bible Verses

Allow God’s Word to guide you each week, with a new Bible verse and section for you to put a short reflection or application of the verse to your current work life. Fill out the form to have the PDF emailed to you.

Affiliate Partners

Here are some professional organizations who maintain a strong Catholic mission and integrity. They can help your business navigate and thrive.


Catholic Marketing Network

For more than three decades, The Catholic Marketing Network (CMN) has brought Catholics together for the purpose of identifying, connecting, and networking within the Catholic marketplace. The CMN advances the success of individuals and organizations who provide products, publications, and services that strengthen God’s people in their walk with Christ. They do this through an annual conference and trade show, advertising and marketing vehicles, and a member network and online platform.


An international organization of Catholic laity, professional men and women, Legatus is comprised of CEOs, presidents, managing partners, and business owners (and their spouses). This Catholic executive peer-to-peer group is now in its fourth decade. Its offerings include an annual conference and formative events like monthly chapter meetings, online formation resources, and a monthly magazine.

SENT Ventures

SENT is a community of Catholic business and ministry leaders committed to “grow in holiness and build transformative ventures that re-awaken people everywhere to the power of the Catholic faith.” SENT offers an annual conference and regional meet-ups, along with a rich array of services and resources, including peer groups and regular online formation opportunities. SENT is unique, unlike anything existing in the Catholic Church today, and is an essential resource for Catholic business and ministry leaders. Visit

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