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Seven Keys to Scaling Your Business — Dave Durand

Apply these seven principles to achieve maximum growth potential in your business or organization while building a solid foundation for longevity.

Good Messaging — Maggie McCarthy

How do you create and streamline an effective marketing message for your organization? Follow these ten guidelines to craft distinct, compelling, and relevant communications that inspire your team and resonate with clients.

Defining Moments — Jim Delaney

Defining moments are pivotal experiences or events in life that have a significant impact on shaping who we are, what we believe, and how we live. See these insights into defining moments.

Seven Insights on Selecting an Attorney — Mike Broadhurst

Explore these 7 insights on selecting an attorney, referenced in Episode 5 Finding a Good Attorney-Seven Tips with Michael Broadhurst.

Affiliate Partners

Here are some professional organizations who maintain a strong Catholic mission and integrity. They can help your business navigate and thrive.


Catholic Marketing Network

For more than three decades, The Catholic Marketing Network (CMN) has brought Catholics together for the purpose of identifying, connecting, and networking within the Catholic marketplace. The CMN advances the success of individuals and organizations who provide products, publications, and services that strengthen God’s people in their walk with Christ. They do this through an annual conference and trade show, advertising and marketing vehicles, and a member network and online platform.


An international organization of Catholic laity, professional men and women, Legatus is comprised of CEOs, presidents, managing partners, and business owners (and their spouses). This Catholic executive peer-to-peer group is now in its fourth decade. Its offerings include an annual conference and formative events like monthly chapter meetings, online formation resources, and a monthly magazine.

SENT Ventures

SENT is a community of Catholic business and ministry leaders committed to “grow in holiness and build transformative ventures that re-awaken people everywhere to the power of the Catholic faith.” SENT offers an annual conference and regional meet-ups, along with a rich array of services and resources, including peer groups and regular online formation opportunities. SENT is unique, unlike anything existing in the Catholic Church today, and is an essential resource for Catholic business and ministry leaders.

The Catholic CEO

Get bite-sized business wisdom informed by Catholic teachings delivered to your inbox. The Catholic CEO’s email micro-lesson gives you Henry Kutarna’s years of wisdom in small, daily chunks so you can apply it to your business without being overwhelmed.

The Catholic Entrepreneur Podcast on YouTube

The podcast features insightful conversations with Catholic entrepreneurs, creatives, and influencers across a variety of industries. Hosted by Mitch Fisher, the podcast dives into practical tips around social media, content creation, marketing, sales, and being a Catholic creative.

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