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Matt Pinto loves his Catholic faith. He believes the Lord Jesus is the truth who sets us free and that His work of salvation is carried out through the life-giving Gospel, teachings and sacramental life of the Catholic faith. Since his early 20s, Matt has felt called to carry out this mission through dynamic ministries and business ventures.

Matt founded Ascension Press in 1998 and served as the president and CEO for 23 years, leading the Catholic publisher and media outlet to global prominence. He also co-founded Envoy Magazine,, and the Theology of the Body Institute.

Matt is the founder and managing partner of The Genesis Group, a Catholic private capital firmfocused on ushering in a new era of Catholic business investment, providing founders capital and counsel to help them build their visions.

A New York Times bestselling author, Matt has written a dozen books and Catholic educational resources. He is a founding member of the Catholic Marketing Network and a recipient of the Outstanding Catholic Leadership Award from the Catholic Leadership Institute.

What people say about Matt.

“Few laymen have made a greater impact on the Catholic Church in this country than Matt Pinto.”

Conor Gallagher

President, Goodwill Publishers / TAN Publishing

“Matt is a Catholic marketing visionary, with the ability to see things others can’t see.”

Carolyn “Lynn” Klika

Founder, Catholic Word

“Look behind the curtain of many initiatives that have made an impact on our generation of dynamic, faithful Catholics and Matt Pinto is there.”

Chris Stefanik

Founder/President, Real Life Catholic

“Matt Pinto is a gifted visionary, skilled at analyzing a business plan to determine uniquely creative paths toward a goal.”

Lorraine Ranalli

Author, Radio Personality; Founder, PR Coordinates

“I love working with Matt! He’s sharp, energetic, creative, well-connected, down-to-earth, and fiercely dedicated to the Church.”

Rose Sweet

Catholic Author / Speaker / Coach

“Matt Pinto has been one of the most effective lay leaders in the Church in the United States for the past 25 years.”

Ted Sri

Sr. Vice President, Apostolic Outreach, FOCUS

“Matt has incredible business insight. Not only can he quickly spot challenges and obstacles, but in the next breath he’s diving into solutions.”

Amanda Teixeira

Cofounder, The Catholic Money Course

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